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70-Mile Race - Information & Directions for supporters.

MadSat (and everyone else competing) really do appreciate all the support we are given in every race, especially the 70-miler, as it keeps us going in the most arduous of conditions. However, we ask that the following simple rules are followed so that you (and us) don't get into any bother.

  • Please follow the instructions of any race marshals. Remember that they are only doing their job in trying to ensure that the race runs smoothly.
  • Try not getting on the wrong side of the Police, especially when it comes to illegal parking. Off-road parking will be available along the route and will more than likely be indicated by CHAR signs and marshals. Do not block the roads or park where no parking is indicated along the way, as the Police will be on the lookout.
  • Anyone following on a bike should be aware that it is illegal to ride on footpaths and should give due care and attention to other road users and pedestrians. In the past CHAR have received complaints about cyclists, though none of these have been our supporters.
  • Please do not sound air-horns near the finish points. In the past some rafts stopped paddling before the official finish on hearing these air horns, as air horns are also used by CHAR to signal when to stop paddling. It's great to hear them, car horns, bells etc. from our supporters during the race, but no air horns at the finishing points please.
  • Each team is responsible for the tidiness of their own plots - crew, back up and supporters should put rubbish in the skips provided (including this programme when you've finished with it).
  • If you have a dog with you, Please DO NOT bring it on to Farmers fields, It doesn't matter if it's on or off a lead.
  • All supporters are very much welcome to visit us at the campsite in the evening. This is based at Huntsham Bridge (on the Symmonds Yat to Ross Road). The bar will be open in the evening, but please do not take your own drinks into the beer tent.
  • If an emergency arises or you require any information over the race weekend, and you need to get hold of anyone connected with MadSat, please call 07935 204176

Route, Directions and viewing points

The following maps give details of the Route taken each year for the 70 mile River Wye raft race, Finish and spectator viewing points for the CHAR 70-Mile Raft Race, along with estimated times for a raft travelling at :
(i) 6mph and (ii) 9mph

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