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Tips on Raft building 

There are 2 categories of Raft: Super Rafts and Fun Rafts. Super rafts are so called because they are more streamlined and generally more expensive to build than Fun Rafts, as they are geared up for competition racing. Irrespective of category, you need to ensure that your raft will not contaminate the water of leave debris behind that may be harmful to river wildlife. Also, crew safety is paramount, so you need to ensure that all crew members have lifejackets or buoyancy aids which can support their weight in the water.

Super Rafts 

When it comes to Super Rafts, there are general guidelines as well as rules and regulations for their design. These ensure that the raft will float as well as being as competitive as possible on the water. Just like with Formula 1 racing cars (but without the glamour), Super Raft Teams will work within the rules to come up with subtle changes to give their raft an advantage. However, step outside the rules and you run the risk of disqualification. Rules can be obtained via    

Fun Rafts 

With these, there will be rules for each race (such as minimum number of crew) but as to the raft design, generally anything goes. Some simple things to remember though… •  It must float •  It needs to be robust enough to survive the race once everyone is sat on it •  It must be capable of being transported to and from the race As well as these 3 points, a good place to start in designing a Fun raft is in coming up with a theme – this is a fun raft after all! The best ones seen have had the crew dressed as Batman characters and the raft made to look like the bat mobile. Others have had doctors and nurses on an “ambulance” and cavemen on a polystyrene woolly mammoth. You also need to consider the cost of building your raft and how easy it is to source the materials. Lastly, remember that you've got to make it move in the water, so ensure that you have paddles that are fit for purpose – or at least will reach the water!   

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