MadSat Raft Team 

Rafting & MadSat in the Media 

MadSat have appeared in the Media in different forms ever since we crashed whilst practising for the 1989 100-mile race.

CHAR (Committee for Herefordshire Amateur Rafters) have kindly allowed us to be filmed practising, for ITV Central News and BBC MIdlands Today, as way of publicity for the 100-miler, on several occasions.

We have even had the "privilege" of starting directly next to Kevin McCloud's (He of Grand Designs fame) during the Minehead race, where he was being filmed for his TV show. As the article in the Daily Mail  explains, he didn't fare too well!

At the 2016 MadDash Super Raft Race, which was held the day after Adam and Layla Coomber of Vikings Raft Team wed, they turned up to race in their wedding attire, which of course had to become a story in the Hereford Times

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to show video in the media, i.e. Facebook and YouTube. Below are a select few videos of MadSat

Our First MadDash Super Raft Race in 2011, won by Destroyers...

MadSat - More than just a Raft Team
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