MadSat Raft Team 

Ok, so what do we do?

Well, to begin with, exactly what it says on the tin - we're a Raft  Racing Team (called MadSat)!

We compete in what are called "Super" Raft Races. These are races designed for rafts over and above what can be called "Fun" Rafts. Our rafts are lightweight and streamlined and built within set rules and specifications. They've evolved from "Fun" rafts over the years, as you can see below



There are between 12 and 15 races we enter throughout the year, on rivers, canals and the sea. The longest is the CHAR 70 mile race held over 3 days and the shortest is on the sea at Minehead over 2 miles. We also hold our own race, the MadDash which is in effect 2 races with both being used to raise money for our nominated Charities.

A full list of the 2018 races can be found here.

We train on the water 2 to 3 times a week based around when most people can make it (we've all got family lives and work to do after all!). This happens between March and October. During the winter months we train in our gym at BT Madley (our home base) as well as going for Sunday morning runs.

But we are more than just a raft fact we're up for almost anything!....

Mud Running, go-karting, going down the pub, paint-ball, picnics, going down the pub, parachuting, Santa runs and going down the pub. That's the beauty of this rafting lark - it's not all about rafting! It's a group of friends having fun and doing something worthwhile, no matter what it is.

MadSat - More than just a Raft Team
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