MadSat Raft Team 

Meet The Team 

Any team is only as good as it's members, and we have some fantastic people involved with MadSat.

The Team can broadly be split into 3 parts - Crew (Those who paddle the Raft), Back-Up (Those who drive us around between start and finish, help prepare the rafts) and Supporters (Anyone willing to give up their time to cheer us on). Each part is as important as the other 2, as without any of them, we wouldn't be able to race.

Here are the 2017 MadSat Raft Team Members with this seasons newbies (new to rafting) shown in yellow highlights...

ROGER BADHAM - Roger is can put most of the youngsters to shame with his fitness and overall ability. A very experienced paddler, Roger has previously competed with H2O and Castaways.

ROBBIE BALOGH - Robbie is our overseas import. We think he paddled all the way from Hungary.

MARK EVANS - Mark is our main Stroke Person and a text book paddler. Quiet and unassuming but a beast on the water, Mark is now in his 6th year of rafting with MadSat.

HEATHER REES 2017 Newbie - Heather is developing a very good technique and is a very determined rafter.

PHILIP MARSHALL - I challenge anyone to catch Phil when he's not smiling.

ABI MUNN - A great supporter with plenty of gusto.

SALLEY NORLEDGE - Extremely fit and very busy.

DONNA JONES 2017 newbie - Donna has competed in 2 races this year but is taking a break to support us.

ANDY PRICE - Andy first raced when he was 16 (with H2O) and though he has suffered with a bad back recently, he's aiming to get back soon.

ANDY RUSSELL 2017 Newbie - Nobby is a fantastic asset. He can paddle, knows which way to hold a spanner and carries us round in the battlebus.

BRANDON HARDING 2017 Newbie - Working hard for a 15 year old.

DONNA RUSSELL 2017 Newbie - Wife of Nobby, Donna 1 is extremely keen and is not afraid to give anything a go. Has taken to steering like a swan to water.

JAMIE HARDING 2017 Newbie - Doesn't appreciate how good she is. Only 13!

CHRIS SANDY - Inspirational and a great coach, especially to newbies and those taking part in the Mad-Dash. Our Social Secretary.

EILEEN STANSELL 2017 Newbie - Competitive and determined, Eileen and Gary (below) saw us training and have now started training with us.

GARY STANSELL 2017 Newbie - Very active and very strong.

RUSS WATKINS - This bloke is bionic. Great temperament, fantastic strength.

ANNIE WOOD - Only 13 years old yet in her third year of racing, Annie is stroke on our womens team "Lady MadSat"

DAN WOOD - Very able, either as a rafter or as back-up

NICK WOOD - Was there when MadSat started in 1989 and is hanging in there.

Thanks to the above people, we can enter multiple teams into races, either MadSat Black, MadSat Yellow, Lady MadSat, MadSat Men or just plain MadSat. We may be able to put out multiple crews, but we are all one team.

MadSat - More than just a Raft Team
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